How To Decide Your New Year Resolution This Time

Are you one of those who take help from the internet or ask for other’s views in order to make New Year resolutions every time? If yes, you are not the only one as many people find it difficult to decide what and how they should plan things for the rest of the year.
But before doing anything important in life, one should know why he/she is doing it, instead of seeking help from others. One should have answers over how it will affect him or his family members. So, first ask a few questions to yourself before arriving at any decision for example, what made you happy and satisfied this year? Here, we suggest you to ask five more questions to yourself before actually going to implement your plans.

1. What is your goal?
Ask yourself why you are taking a particular resolution this year. Is this going to make a lot of changes in yourself and are you ready for it? Always introspect pros and cons of moving forward for a cause and never get influenced by what others have to say about it.

2. How will you make it a reality?
After you decide about what your goals are for the year 2016, devise a plan to implement it properly. Everything looks good as long as we plan it, but situation becomes painful when we try to implement it. For example, it is very easy to think that you will quit smoking but it is not easy to make it a reality.

3. What will be the end result?
If you have a problem and you are taking a resolution to fix it, visualize the end result or the outcome and the hurdles in your way. Ask yourself, am I ready for it? For example, if you want to lose weight, imagine how you will go about it. Will you consult a dietician or make a diet plan on your won? Try to think about it from all angles.

4. Who will get affected?
If you have decided to do something for the rest year, will that affect your family members or friends? If it will, think twice before executing your plans as it will prove to be a bad idea for the people you love and care. For example, if you have decided to cut your expenses and save money, do not put any pressure on them.

5. Are you doing it for yourself?
Always ask yourself, whether you have taken a New Year resolution to please yourself or someone else. If you are trying to please others, it might prove to be a bad idea and will frustrate you. For example, if you have decided to learn guitar because your girlfriend likes it, it will definitely prove to be a bad idea and you won’t enjoy it.


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